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System FAQ

1) What type of live encoder does DEVOS support?

2) Does DEVOS have any unique network dependency?

3) Can I view live and VoD content on my mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets)?

4) How many Digital Signage displays does DEVOS support?

5) Is DEVOS a streaming server?

6) What is the difference between DEVOS cloud vs. DEVOS in my private network?

7) How many simultaneous viewers does the system support?

8) Can I use the system to deliver live announcements to desktops and signs without the viewer taking any action?

9) How do I add VoD content to the system?

10) Can I include Netcams in the DEVOS live video system?

11) How can I be sure only certain people can view my video?

12) What is the live capacity and VoD storage capacity?

13) What is required for viewing live and VoD content?

14) Can I authenticate using my existing Active Directory?

15) Does the system support High Definition video?

16) Should I install one DEVOS for all schools in a district?

17) Should I install DEVOS inside or outside of my firewall?

18) What is the warranty?

19) Can I include video that already exist on YouTube?

20) Does the system support emergency communications?

21) Can I send my live video to a CDN service?

22) Can I pull an existing live video stream into DEVOS?

23) How can I find a desired video?

24) How can I upload a recorded video from my iPad to DEVOS?

25) Can I remotely control and schedule encoders?

26) Can viewers rate each video and leave comments?

27) What kind of organizations use DEVOS?

28) Can I schedule when a video will appear?

29) Can I embed the video in my own web site?

30) Is DEVOS expensive?

31) Can I create custom channels?

32) Can DEVOS record live video on the server?

34) Can I deliver live video to many branch offices?

35) How can I deliver live video to a very large local audience, like 20,000 desktops?

36) Does the system have a content library?

37) What are the most popular uses of DEVOS?

38) Can I stream from my desktop?

39) Can I stream to Facebook and YouTube?

40) Can I have a multi-view?

41) What can I use to display signage?

42) What is Learning Path?

43) Is IPTV supported?

44) What is DVExpress

45) Are Captions supported?

46) What is a StreamPump?

47) Is IP multicast requred?

48) Is Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) supported?

49) Can questions and documents be embedded in a video?

50) Can DEVOS run on a Virtual Machine?

51) Is low delay live streaming supported?

52) Can I upload audio files?

53) Can SignStick turn TV power on and off?

54) Can I record live streams?

55) Does the system support Set Top Box (STB)?

56) What is "belt and suspenders" recording?

57) Can I search all content for spoken words or phrases?