Discover Video

Your system is owned and managed by your system administrator.  Discover Video does not control how your system has been setup.  Contact your system administrator, media specialist, or IT person for issue resolution. 

The following are general help items:

  • Video is displayed using Flash player or HTML5.  If Flash, be sure you have Adobe Flash player installed.

  • The video is streamed to you at the rate set by the encoder. If the video is broken up, pauses, or has excessive buffering, it may be that you do not have enough network capacity to view the video. This is especially true if there are other viewers on the same network (i.e. in your building).  Ask the system administrator to investigate solution which may require adding StreamPump, increasing bandwidth, or lowering the bit rate.

  • Access to content depends on the security settings set by the publisher of the channel and/or the system administrator.

  • If external player is enabled on your system, you may install the player by clicking here: Desktop Player